sábado, 11 de mayo de 2030


What is SpacEscape?
SpacEscape is a 2d, hentai-themed RoR platformer developed in Adobe Flash using Action Script 2.0
So, obviously, you'll need to download the Adobe flash player from Adobe's site (which is free).
Also, it features an anthro main char (more human than animal), bestiality, tentacle, monsters and more.

RoR? What is RoR?
It means “Run or Rape”. It’s a rather common genre of hentai game nowadays;
it's particular for the idea that the sex content occurs within the gameplay, usually in 
the form of animations, as opposed to being shown exclusively within CGs or cutscenes. 

So, to put it shortly, you just stumbled upon the development blog of my little game.
Updates will come as often as once per week and as slow as once per month. The 
game is FREE for now, will be put on sale once finished. Current builds of the 
game are essentially an open Beta of what the demo for the final version will look like.

This is, and will always be the main source of updates on the game progress, as well as
where all the official betas will be posted. Though I do pass by the ULMF forum or LoK, so if you don't feel 
or can't post on blogger, you can go there, I'll get to your comment sooner or later.
Aside from that, no other places to go, I don't have a Patreon, and won't have one; also 
donations would be very appreciated...If not for the fact that I DON'T ACCEPT DONATIONS 
I appreciate the feeling, but you don't need to.

So, where to download?
The link for the latest version will be always on the right bar mah boy, just follow the yellow road


martes, 21 de febrero de 2017

I have no Honor

Seeing how the leap attack of the wolf broke, I think I'll take this opportunity to rewrite the enemy ai, so I can easily add attack patterns and abilities, that will actually be different depending on the difficulty.
What attacks you do think would be good to add so the fights are fun? So far I was thinking on making them like in Dragons Dogma or DaS, where the keep their distance and dodge and shit, also I might change or add a leap attack that just passes through you but strips you of a chunk of your clothes (In the final game there will be progressive cloth damage).

On another note, if any of you would want to kick my ass and vent some frustration of me not working on the game; I've been playing For Honor (PC) a bunch lately, you can add me if you want. (I've had the same nickname since 2002, guess what it is)


lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

What in the fuck?

Recently I bought Haydee on steam, and I don't know why it kinda surprised me about the nudity tag on steam if I had already knew about games like honey pop; anyways, decided to look more into it, and was checking all games with a nudity tag and stumbled upon this http://store.steampowered.com/app/574860/

Now, I'm not sure, but judging by the reviews, I deduce this is a watered down (in regards to hentai) from the original, but, if not, wtf, does that means I can put SpacEscape on green light?

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

Bad Week

Worst week ever.
I ordered 2 new hdd to replace my old ones, and right off the bat I lost 2 days backing up my shit (as external usb); and as soon as I replaced the first one, windows refused to boot, I guess I might have screw when I first installed...Had to reinstall the shit TWICE, and then I struggled as a mofo to get Clip Studio to install with the materials; and now I'm sick as fuck and feel like shit.

jueves, 19 de enero de 2017


Ok, fuck dragons dogma online. Back to work Dark Arisen.

jueves, 12 de enero de 2017


So, the other day, while I was in the bathroom (truly is the best place to think :v), I came up with a easy enough way to finally implement that nice stop when hitting things, which I for one think is so much needed, because right now it feels like you're just hitting air, even when you're hitting enemies.
So, when I was testing the initial "sketch" code for it, I noted that I did something to the wolfs and their jump attack is all fucked up, that's what I get for fiddling with the code when I've been away from it for so long. So, after I'm done fixing that, and if the "hit stop" doesn't prove too difficult to do, I'll update the beta with that.
Only problem is that I decided to try again Dragons Dogma online again now that I have win10 and did a format (for some reason last time the launcher got stuck on the version check); and now it worked, just a couple hours until it's done downloading...

sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016

-U- Is dead.

So, yeah guys, relax, I'm not dead, I know, been a while since the last post, but honestly, you should be used to these random hiatuses by now no?

 If I were actually dead, I have my rig set up like L from Death Note and it woul post on all my social media I'm dead :v

Anyway, so far that bug glitch/whatever the hell it was hasn't happened yet, so I guess there's nothing to stop me from getting back to work... Unless; I've been kinda held hostage playing Dragon's Dogma; yes, I know, I already played that one, but the other day I started to watch videos of it and wanted to play, and discovered that it was my only steam game that didn't had the synchronize with the cloud option enabled, so I lost all my saves when I format for win 10. So I started it again, and man it hooked me like the first time; been playing 12hrs straight every for the past 2 weeks; it's bad enough that I have a very hard time stopping watching/playing something I like, and on top of that the game being too addictive.

But yeah, that's for the update on things; I'll go and check my current build versus the last one here on the blog to see if there's enough difference to put another version; because I don't even know what's in there anymore >.<. Either way I'll make a post regarding that.

-U- Is dead.

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016


So, earlier today I open the game to continue investigating this issue, and all of a suddenly everything was fine again, and to be honest I'm not sure I'm happy with that, because I'm now more paranoid about it, if it's gonna be random like that, maybe when it happened the file didn't open properly? I don't know, this never happened before, I'll try setting flash to run in win 7 compatibility mode and wait a couple days to see it the glitching happens again.

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

On hold until further notice

So, a while ago I "upgraded" to win 10; as I've mention before, and the other day I was foolishly  thinking I was getting ready to post a new version of the game, when I noted a weird glitch on the BG animation of the pause menu, and on further inspection I started to note that a bunch of things were fucked up, like the animation for the suit menu, and the sex dialogues appearing, and even when I was trying to test the golem dual animation, when it started, the golem started to slide to the side! I guess it somehow started to run the combat code? I don't even.

So, the last time I really worked on the game was prior to the "upgrade", so most likely it a win 10 thing, because I'm using the exact same version of Flash. So, until I figure it out what the heck is wrong, the development will be literally stop (not that it will be that much of a difference anyways), I can't really ignore this and keep working because by doing so, I might be planting time bombs unknowingly, and the game is buggy enough as it is.

I'll keep you posted.


martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016

While you wait

Go and fap to that for a while or whatever.